We’re set to go live from the lovely Collins Center for the Arts on campus at the University of Maine in Orono bringing you live play-by-play of NEF 40! There are 15 scheduled fights on the card, including two professional bouts and an amateur men’s featherweight title bout between (C) Tom Pagliarulo (3-1 am.) and Jimmy Jackson (4-3 am.). In the main event undefeated promotional featherweight champ Josh “Hook On” Harvey (6-0-1) set to face short notice replacement Dominic Jones (2-1) at a catchweight of 160 lbs.

Live Results:

Amateur lightweight bout between First Class MMA’s Justin Kangas (0-1) and Nostos’ Nathaniel Grimard (Debut)

Round #1: Grimard in the blue, Kangas in red. Kangas opens up with a pressuring flurry and they clinch. Referee breaks the action up and shortly after a takedown from Grimard is successful. Grimard in guard and looking to pass, Kangas holding both arms and momentum slows. Grimard landing heavy upon straigtening up. Scrambles and Grimard ends up in mount while throwing away, referee allows the action to proceed. Kangas scrambles out of position but finds himself giving up an arm, Grimard takes hold and submits the First Class product. Grimard by armbar 2:55

Nathaniel Grimard pushes the action against the cage in the opening bout of the evening

Amateur middleweight bout between Independant Justin Philbrook (0-2) and Independant Dylan Williams (0-1)

Round #1: Williams in blue, Philbrook in the red corner. Action from both corners, they meet at the centre and it’s Williams gaining position. Williams pushes the action against the cage, Philbrook reverses and earns a takedown. In the scramble Williams gives his back and Philbrook attains mount. Body lock in place, Philbrook has Williams out flat, and a RNC attempt from Philbrook is stymied by Williams who loses his mouthguard. Referee John English allows Williams to regain the mouth piece and Philbrooks to continue his squeeze. Philbrook 10-9

Round #2: Again they meet in the middle and a right hook lands for Philbrook who follows up with a double leg takedown. Philbrook in half guard against the cage and looking to pass into mount. In mount, Williams gives his back while Philbrook entends the legs of his opponent and settles in. Williams is able to roll to his left side with Philbrook attempting to cross his opponent and sink the choke. Williams now on his back with Philbrooks working a head and arm choke. Philbrook unloading from back mount, referee tells the blue corner to move and Williams rolls to his back. Round ends with Philbrook on top landing a few final blows. Philbrook 20-18

Round #3: Williams opens up by landing a series of right low kicks, even when not landing he’s showing his opponent the look. Philbrook clinches and earns yet another takedown. Working from half guard and trying for more is Philbrook, landing shots in order to keep his flow. Now in mount, with Williams rolling. Referee John English calls a stop to the contest with a fence grab from Philbrook, stands both fighters up. Philbrook closes in and clinches, earns both underhooks. They fight for position and in the dying seconds Williams earns a guillotine but it’s too late. 30-27 Philbrook

Official Ruling: Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27) Win for Justin Philbrook

Referee John English intervenes as Dylan Williams loses his mouthpiece in round one

Amateur lightweight bout between Camden Combat/The Foundry’s Mike Murray (1-0) and United Fighting Arts Institute’s Jordan Crim (1-0)

Round #1: Murray in red, Crim in the blue corner. Murray showing plenty of kicking prowess by opening up the round showing a bevy of attacks. Crim closes in and pushes the pace landing in the pocket. Murray clinches and earns a dominant position but Crim goes for the takedown. Murray scrambles and gets a bulldog choke only to be reversed. Murray is able to get into back mount, takes the neck and submits Crim via RNC. Murray by RNC at 1:54

Amateur women’s strawweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Glory Watson (5-0) and Spartan Striking Academy’s Lin MacMillan (0-1)

Round #1: Canada’s MacMillan in blue, home town star Watson in the red corner. MacMillan looking to pressure early, pushing Watson to the cage and attempting a takedown. MacMillan on the back but Watson shakes her off and gets into a dominant position. Against the cage Watson from side mount and with wrist control unloads on MacMillan. Watson via TKO at 1:23

Referee Steve Rita calling an end to the contest between Watson and MacMillan

Amateur lightweight bout between First Class MMA’s Ryan Savage (0-1) and CMBJJ’s Nate White (2-0)

Round #1: White in the blue corner, Savage in red. Feeling out process short in this one as White clinches early, grabs the left leg of Savage and picks up the First Class product into a strong takedown. White working from guard, hand fighting ensues. White straightens up and scrambles back into position. White stacking again but getting tagged from bottom by Savage who grabs an arm and continue to punish CMBJJ’s White. White 10-9

Round #2: Both feint and it’s White with a double leg. White in guard but it’s Savage walking up against the cage. White pressures and Savage has his back against the canvas. White in guard, unable to pass he tries to stack and unsuccessful. In guard White now pushing to hop into mount but earns half guard. Savage pushes off and tries to scramble to his feet only to eat three hard uppercuts from White sending him back to the mat. White on top working again from guard. Top pressure an asset for White but again unable to mount any kind of a game from this position. White 20-18

Round #3: Both gauging distance and on the takedown attempt from White it’s Savage earning a heavy uppercut. White lands the takedown, working from mount but at an awkward angle up against the blue fence. Savage grabbing everything possible in order to slow the roll of White, curling away and eating shots. White by TKO, ground and pound, at 2:10

Referee John English shoves a taunting Nate White off of his fallen opponent at the conclusion of the contest

Amateur featherweight bout between CMBJJ’s Taylor Bartlett (1-2-1) and Competitive Martial Arts’ Randall Hathorn (Debut)

Round #1: Before the action starts Hawthorn is escorted out of the ring to install white sheets on his shorts (odd decision). Hawthorn in the blue corner with Bartlett in the red. They meet quickly and in a flurry Bartlett lands a heavy right hook knocking out his opponent. Bartlett by KO at the 8 second mark

Amateur light heavyweight bout between First Class MMA’s Ben Murtiff (1-0) and Independant Henry Jeffs (0-1)

Round #1: Jeffs in the blue, Murtiff in the red corner. Both kick to start, Murtiff pushes in and get the takedown. Murtiff stands to reposition, gets to the side of Jeffs and unloads. Murtiff by TKO, ground and pound, at 49 seconds

Ben Murtiff fights the hand of his opponent Jeffs in order to gain position

Amateur welterweight bout between Team Landry’s Jason Landry (2-0) and Kaze’s Mike Bezanson (2-0)

Round #1: Bezanson in the blue, Landry in the red. Bezanson flings a non-existant arrow at his opponent during the announcements. Landry runs in and throws a flying knee, they are off and it’s a literal blur of fighters. Benzanson lands a right straight in the slowest moment of the fight and follows it up with a few parting shots to earn the victory. Landry’s corner livid, trying to rush the cage and held back by security. 43 seconds round one the TKO victory for Bezanson

Amateur 130 lbs catchweight bout between First Class MMA’s Dillon Henry (0-2) and Independant Steve Desjardins (4-3)

Round #1: Desjardins in the blue, Henry in the red corner. A quick flurry sees Desjardins earn the takedown. Desjardins working but Henry’s right arm is broken and action stopped. Desjardins by TKO, doctor’s stoppage, at 24 seconds

Steve Desjardins awaiting the call following his TKO stoppage win with opponent Dillon Henry unable to continue due to a broken arm

Amateur flyweight bout between CMBJJ’s Caleb Austin (1-0) and Acadia BJJ’s Cory Richards (Debut)

Round #1: Richards in the blue corner, Austin in red. Austin countering the attack of Richards and lands a quick takedown. Austin stands and lets his opponent up who now is bleeding from the nose. Austin lands a straight shot to a moving Richards who stumbles and falls, follows it up swiftly and earns the finish. Austin by TKO at 1:24

Amateur lightweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Erik Tainter (0-1) and Nostos’ Zac Richard (3-2-1)

Round #1: Richard in the blue corner, Tainter in red. Tainter pushes forward and clinches, tries to gain position but Richard drops him while Tainter springs up. Richard gets the takedown now and works from guard, with Tainter handfighting. Richard stacks and lands heavy shots. Tainter spins and gives the back, Richard works a choke, Tainter again spins. Tainter working from guard now, on top and pushing to half. Tainter in mount now, grabs an arm for the armbar. Richard stands, throws and finishes the fight by slamming his opponent into a wash of ground and pound. Richard by TKO in the dying seconds of the round

Amateur lightweight bout between First Class MMA’s Jacob Deppmeyer (1-1-1) and The Outlet’s Devin Corson (2-1)

Round #1: Corson in blue, Deppmeyer in the red. Feeling out process that ends with a Corson spinning attack into the air and an eventual takedown. Deppmeyer gets up and Corson slams his opponent back down. Corson with another vicious double leg slam, now working from full guard. Corson working the hands, rolling to advance position but Deppmeyer holds him off and lands short shots from the bottom. Round ends, Corson 10-9

Round #2: Early clinch in the middle and as they break a flurry from both fighters. Corson presses the action against the cage, both fighters with underhooks. Corson grabs the right leg, single leg takedown is effective. Corson working from butterfly on top, Deppmeyer adept from his back so far at stopping the offence. Corson tries to pick up his opponent from guard, on the attempted slam Deppmeyer stands and it’s Corson resetting and earning the takedown. Deppmeyer able to catch his opponent with a leg attack as the round ends. Corson 20-18

Round #3: Fighters embrace to start the third, Corson breathing heavy but hitting yet another takedown. Corson in half guard and Deppmeyer working to his feet, yet again slammed to the mat. Referee Rita content letting Corson maintain position in this round, not seeing much offence from either man with Corson laying in half guard and landing pot shots at a slow pace. Deppmeyer trying to get to his feet but held in position. Corson 30-27

Official Ruling: Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Win for Devin Corson

Amateur featherweight title fight between Sperro’s/Burgess’ (C) Tom Pagliarulo (3-1) and Young’s MMA’s Jimmy Jackson (4-3)

Round #1: Challenger Jackson in red, champ Pagliarulo in the blue with UFC bantamweight Rob Font in his corner. Jackson keeping distance with a series of kicks, Pagliarulo looking to clinch but the Young’s fighter rangy and slippery. Pagliarulo reassessing the situtation, hands high. Jackson continues to mix front kicks to the sternum, now Pagliarulo looking to find his range and getting in close lands an overhand right that finds a home. Jackson pushing with the kicks, both men enchanging with Jackson’s nose bloodied. Pagliarulo very technical in these exchnages. Tough round to score but Pagliarulo the more accurate striker, 10-9 for the champ

Doctor looking at the nose of the challenger, fight ends due to a doctor’s stoppage. Nose too damaged to continue. Winner by TKO at the 3:00 of round #1, Tom Pagliarulo.

Both fighters feeling out distance early

Pro cruiserweight bout between First Class MMA / Dragon Fire’s Ras Hylton (4-2) and Acadia BJJ’s Chris Sarro (Debut)

Round #1: Sarro in the blue corner with former title challenger Hylton in red. Hylton begins the action by taking the centre of the cage and landing a series of kicks. Sarro working to gain distance, kicked time and again. Hylton faking on multiple angles, gets caught by a hard shot and knocked out cold. Sarro by KO, right overhand, at 1:07

Pro 160 lbs catchweight bout between Vision Quest Muay Thai’s Josh Harvey (6-0-1) and Independant Dominic Jones (2-1)

Round #1: Harvey in blue, Jones in the red corner. Both fighters advancing and Harvey slips, Jones jumps on top. Harvey scrambles to his feet and they clinch. Harvey working the strikes and Jones pushes the pace for a takedown. Harvey up to his feet, slams Jones to the canvas. Jones gets to his feet and eats heavy shots with Harvey all over him. Jones goes for the takedown and is kneed, sending him to the mat once more. Harvey on top and settling into a triangle. Harvey the winner by americana at 2:31

Harvey walking in to his eleventh NEF appearance

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