We’re set to go live from Aura in Portland, Maine bringing you live play-by-play coverage of NEF 41! There are 14 scheduled amateur fights on the card, including three vacant titles on the line and one title defense!

Live Results:

180 lbs Catchweight Bout Between Team Landry’s Tim Bergeron (Debut) and Lee Brothers MMA’s Chandler Chapman (1-0)

Round #1: Bergeron in the red corner, Chapman in blue. Bergeron in quick landing straight rights, taken down by Chapman with a slick double leg. They scramble and Chapman ends on top, working from side control. Chapman in guard and stands up. Chapman landing a series of kicks, Bergeron misses on right hook and Chapman earns the takedown. Chapman in half guard, passes into side control, holding the head and arm. Chapman landing knees to the chest, passed into mount and reversed. Bergeron on top with time to work, lands some ground and pound before the end of the round. Chapman 10-9

Round #2: Both men exchange and Chapman engages in the clinch, they break and Bergeron pushes forward. Bergeron misses a spinning attack and is taken down, Chapman in mount. Chapman landing heavy shots, Bergeron unable to escape by tossing his hips. Bergeron active moving against the cage but still being attacked from Chapman who’s maintained mount position. Chapman 20-17

Round #3: Bergeron setting up distance with kicks but Chapman landing in close. Chapman misses a kick and stumbles to the mat, Bergeron on top in guard. Chapman attempting an armbar from bottom, unsuccessful. Both men standing, Bergeron pushing the action against the cage and it’s a takedown from Chapman. Chapman in mount, reigning blows from top position. Chapman goes for the armbar but the round ends. 30-26 Chapman

Official decision is: (29-27, 30-26, 29-28) unanimous for Chandler Chapman

Featherweight Bout Between Independant Tyler Knights (Debut) and CMBJJ’s Brandon Maillet-Fevens (2-1)

Round #1: Maillet-Fevens in the blue, Knights in red as we begin. Both men exchanging in the centre of the cage, Knights landing a heavy blow and forces Maillet-Fevens to push forward. Maillet-Fevens gets the fight to the ground, on top and lands shots of his own. Knights tries to stand and Maillet-Fevens gets a guillotine, Knights out. Each are going shot for shot in the centre. Maillet-Fevens lands a hard left hand, follows up and Knights lands a stunning blow for himself. Knights ends the round with hard shots against the cage. 10-9 Maillet-Fevens

Round #2: First round very tightly contested, expecting more of the same here. Maillet-Fevens and Knights setting up their attacks with an array of body kicks. Maillet-Fevens ducking under heavy fire from Knights, fight goes to the ground and Maillet-Fevens tries for a RNC, palm to palm and he earns the submission victory. Maillet-Fevens by RNC at 1:51

175 lbs Catchweight Bout Between Independant Austin Hamilton (Debut) and CMBJJ’s Nate White (3-0)

Round #1: Hamilton in the red, White in the blue corner. Hamilton in quick and White wrestles him to the ground by head and arm. White in mount on the mat, lands heavy shots. Hamilton turns and White gets the back, landing more blows. White by TKO at 1:14

130 lbs Catchweight Bout Between Team Elemental’s Ryan Fogg (Debut) and CMBJJ’s Caleb Austin (2-0)

Round #1: Austin in the blue corner, Fogg in red. Both men guaging distance, Austin in close and secures the takedown. Austin working from the back with Fogg on his right side. Fogg trying to get to his feet and Austin punishing shots. Fogg again tries to stand and Austin gets the back, Fogg holding his hands below. Austin fighting the grip, landing short left hands. Austin passing and working from side to side, ends the round with position. 10-9 Austin

Round #2: Hard right hand from Austin moving in, both men from distance. Low blow by Fogg, another low blow from Austin and we have a break. Austin from southpaw, catches Fogg and trying to finish the fight. On the ground, Austin on top, landing shots. Fogg grabs the left hand of Austin, bleeding heavily from the nose. Austin in position, landing shots with both hands now. Austin by TKO at 2:33

Lightweight Bout Between Independant Lucas Donald (Debut) and Evolution Athletix’s Will McCall (2-3)

Round #1: Donald in the red corner, McCall in blue. McCall being tended to pre-fight outside of the cage by the ringside physician, fight is being called off due to the McCall being deemed medically unable to fight.

163 lbs Catchweight Bout Between Independant Clifford Redman (0-10) and Redline’s Brian Cosco (4-8)

Round #1: Cosco in the blue corner, Redman fittingly in red. They exchange and Cosco goes for the takedown. Cosco on top and working the crucifix position. Redman scrambles and Cosco in side control. Cosco landing shots, Redman holding on. Redman tries again to scramble and now on his feet, Cosco goes for another takedown and it’s Redman with the guillotine attempt. In the action and on top it’s Cosco earning a 2:12 by Von Flue

Welterweight Bout Between Independant Justin Middleton (Debut) and CMBJJ’s Jon Assam (1-1)

Round #1: Middleton in the red, Assam in blue. Both men whiff on their opening strikes and clinch. Middleton pressing forward and earns the takedown. Assam rolls and Middleton has the bodylock. Middleton on the back, Middleton squeezes and Assam is out. Middleton by RNC at 1:25

Welterweight Bout Between Recon’s Greg Ishihara (1-1) and Independant Dylan Williams (0-2)

Round #1: Williams in blue, Ishihara in the red corner. Williams loading up, gets in close and Ishihara is able to land. Williams looks for the takedown and is countered by Ishihara. Both men connecting in close, Ishihara lands a hard uppercut as Williams looks for the takedown and the referee calls an end to the contest. Ishihara by TKO (tapout due to strikes) at 1:25

Featherweight Bout Between Nostos’ Jesse Fitzsimmons (0-1) and CMBJJ’s Joe Howard (1-3)

Round #1: Fitzsimmons in red, Howard in blue. Instant action, stand and trade. Howard connecting more on the exchanges, lands a hard kick in the break. Fitzsimmons connects and sends Howard summersaulting backwards. Fitzsimmons with blood pouring from a cut above his left eye, Howard continues to pressure. Pair of head kicks from Howard, Fitzsimmons with a trip takedown and now on top from butterfly. Howard 10-9.

Significant swelling around the right eye of Fitzsimmons being addressed by the corner between rounds, doctor having a look and the fight’s called off. TKO at 5:00 by doctor’s stoppage for Howard

Heavyweight Bout Between Wai Kru/Pedro’s Judo’s George Pissimissis (Debut) and First Class MMA’s Solomon Spigel (Debut)

Round #1: Pissimissis in red, Spigel in blue. Toss from Pissimissis early, working from side control and going for the kimura. Slips into mount and Spigel trying to get out of position. Pissimissis grabs an arm for the submission and he’s injured, unable to continue. Spigel by techinical submission, injury, at 51 seconds

Am. Flyweight Title Bout Between Independant Steve Desjardins (5-3) and CMBJJ’s Nate Boucher (5-3)

Round #1: Desjardins in the red corner, Boucher in blue. Both men exchange and Boucher moves in to clinch. Boucher on top and working from guard, Desjardins with his legs high and aiming for the submission. They scramble and Boucher gets the back, RNC in tight. Boucher by RNC at 1:55

Am. Lightweight Title Bout Between Nostos’ Zac Richard (4-2-1) and Camden Combat/The Foundry’s Mike Murray (2-0)

Round #1: Murray in blue, Richard in red. Richard shoots in and earns the takedown, works from guard. Murray’s feet are high, looking to grab an arm. Murray holds, backs against the cage and tries to stand. Richard able to land two hard blows at the end of the round. Richard 10-9

Round #2: Richard in tight again at the start of the round and once again forces the action against the canvas. Murray grabs an arm and holding tight but unable to hold onto the submission. Richard now from half and in an attempt to pass is reversed. Murray is up and pouring on the pressure, and now Richard gives a flurry of his own and once again gets the fight against the canvas. Murray looks for a guillotine but the round is at an end. Richard 20-18

Round #3: Murray attempt to soften the left leg of Richard and stumbles, Richard on top from mount and landing. Murray trying to hold on, Richard applying pressure and Murray’s able to reverse on top. Murray stacks and Richard scrambles. Murray has his legs crossed around Richard’s head, landing to the body from top. Murray grabbing an arm, now Richard pressures out and ends the round on top. 29-28 Richard

Round #4: Murray tries to guage distance and Richard pressures forward, earns the slam takedown. Richard in half and pushing Murray down. Murray earns position in a reversal and he’s pretzeled by Richard who has two hands on the left leg. Richard working a single and he’s back on top. Murray sprawling as Richard wrestles his way forward. Back up to the feet and Richard sends the fight to the ground once more. Richard 39-37

Round #5: Doctor examines Richard’s knees, fight allowed to continue. Ricard pushing the action, earns another single and Murray up against the cage. Murray grabs the right arm for the kimura, Richard pushing forward and now has Murray on his back working from half guard. Murray throwing shots from bottom, with Richard earning some of his own. Final seconds are a mixture of Richard landing blows and Murray scrambling for a heel. Richard 49-46

Official decision: Judges scoring the contest (3x 48-47) Richard

Am. Bantamweight Title Bout Between Recon’s (C) Kam Arnold (5-1) and First Class MMA’s Walt Shea (3-1)

Round #1: Shea in blue and the champion Arnold in red. Arnold opens the action with a low kick, throws a high kick that’s caught but Shea unable to get the fight to the canvas. Hard left jab lands for Arnold, Shea capitalizes and he’s on top but Arnold scrambles. Shea with a guillotine and Arnold slams the First Class product. Shea holding tight, Arnold trying to advance. Arnold gets up and they exchange. Shea 10-9

Round #2: Arnold lands a single left hook and the fight’s over, scary scene as Shea’s out cold, stands on his own power after minutes on the canvas. Arnold by KO at 7 seconds

Am. Women’s Strawweight Title Bout Between Young’s MMA’S Glory Watson (6-0) and Team KO’s Cara Greenwell (9-4)

Round #1: Greenwell in the blue corner, Watson in red. Greenwell gains control of the centre of the cage but Watson stringing together combos from distance. Greenwell moving well on the feet, moving in close and both exchanging. Back and forth action, Greenwell landing well from distance but Watson’s head movement and combinations working well. Greenwell lands a hard left head kick and follows up with more pressure. Watson working a takedown, they clinch. Greenwell 10-9

Round #2: Watson setting up with kicks, Greenwell in tight landing hands. Greenwell again with a left high kick that’s blocked. Now Watson pressuring forward. Watson checks a kick and Greenwell able to continue to land. Even fight with flurries from both fighters, Greenwell now mixing in a low kick. Watson pushes forward and looks for the takedown. Greenwell up on her feet, Watson with underhooks. Watson works to earn a takedown but unsuccessful. 19-19

Round #3: Greenwell back to the center of the cage, both landing leg kicks. Greenwell landing in the exchanges, aggressor in the action and able to string together her own combos. Watson shoots and pressures against the cage. They break and once again Greenwell gaining center position. Both landing as Greenwell has Watson on the perimeter. Both land hard shots but Greenwell the more accurate. Greenwell 29-28

Round #4: Greenwell opens up again by pushing forward, landing combos against the cage. Watson moving well to Greenwell’s left side and they clinch. Greenwell lands a stiff knee in the clinch. Watson now giving the action back to the Oklahoman. Greenwell clinches, they break and Watson searches for a single leg and is successful. Greenwell 39-37 in a close fourth round

Round #5: Watson engaging in a fire fight, likely needs a finish and pouring it on. Clinches, Greenwell against the cage. Greenwell fights the attempt and the change position. Watson works a single and it’s unsuccessful, now Greenwell pushes the action against the cage. Greenwell landing knees and it’s Watson looking for the takedown. 49-46 Greenwell

Judges score the fight (50-45, 48-47) by unanimous decision, Cara Greenwell

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