NEF 36 is live at 7 pm EST from Aura Portland on Saturday Nov. 17 (Photo Credit: NEF MMA)

We’re set to go live at 7 pm EST from sold out Aura in Portland, Maine bringing you live play-by-play of NEF 36! There are 14 scheduled fights on the card, including four professional bouts highlighted by title fights at lightweight and the newly created cruiserweight division (225 lbs). Be sure to check out the event preview to get up to speed on NEF’s return to the Forest City!

The cage featured at tonight’s event measures 20 feet across, 10 feet smaller than the standard UFC Octagon according to Stedyx (Photo Credit: Craig Allen)

Live Results:

Amateur women’s bantamweight bout between Catie Denning (1-0) and Taylor Thompson (2-0)

Round #1: Denning in the red, Thompson in the blue. Both take the center and mixing in strikes. Denning leading a clinch but Thompson gets position. Knees from Thompson, adding in uppercuts as well. Thompson gains underhooks but not working a takedown as of yet. More knees from Thompson as Denning gets off the cage and throws straight hands. Thompson continues to work and gains Muay Thai clinch, hooks and uppercuts. The round ends in a flurry from both women. Thompson 10-9

Round #2: Thompson leads with kicks, working distance. Thompson working another clinch but Denning able to get out. Rocks Denning with a right hook is Thompson and continues to show a strong clinch game. Fight against the fence it’s Thompson pressuring shots to the body. Denning trying to force off and away from the cage with a strong Bangor crows behind her. Thompson working knees in the Muay Thai clinch. As soon as Denning escapes she’s forced back to the cage. Denning able to land 4-5 hard strikes at the end of the round but Thompson able to regain clinch and fire two hard knees. Thompson 20-18

Round #3: Denning ostensibly down two rounds and needing a finish. Opening side kick and leg kicks from Thompson, Denning closing distance and landing shots of her own in a flurry. Thompson lands a right head kick, parrying leg kicks and straights. Thompson continues to control distance in the cage and working kicks from the outside. Denning moving in and out looking to go low with the kick and landing right hooks. Thompson appears to be the fresher fighter late, as the fight ends. Thompson taking the fight by unanimous decision 30-27

Amateur (175 lbs) bout between Jon Assam (0-0) and Jordan Norman (0-1)

Round #1: Norman going in hard working hooks and gaining dominant clinch position. They separate and Assam looking to gain position in the centre of the cage. Both men continue to exchange wildly with Assam landing more in the flurries. Norman looks to work a single after landing a 1-2 combo and is unsuccessful. Now it’s Assam eating shots and Norman spinning the debutante for a near finish at the end of round 1. Narrow 10-9 for Norman

Round #2: Norman rocks Assam early but the fighter continues to push forward. Assam’s eaten far more shots in this fight than he’s thrown but has shown incredible toughness. Assam throws an overhand right but is countered by Norman’s hook that lands. Assam seems the fresher fighter in this second round, throws a superman punch that goes unanswered. Norman works kicks near the end of the round. Assam taking round two and it’s a close one 18-18

Round #3: Both men continuing to pressure each other, not giving an inch in the centre. Norman works another single and it’s stuffed. Assam eating several straight lefts from Norman. Assam throws a hard right hook that connects. Very tough exchanges, both fighters landing steady hooks. Norman lands a right overhand and now pressuring. Very tough fight to score. 29-28 Norman, 29-28 Assam, 29-28 Norman split decision

Amateur lightweight bout between Clifford Redman (0-6) and Mohammad Al Kinani (4-1)

Round #1: Al Kinani in the blue, Redman in the red gloves. Redman with the crowd favourite Dropkick Murphys Shipping up to Boston, getting the crowd into it. Al Kinani with a distinct height and reach advantage, hits Redman with a stiff rightthat rocks him. Redman looks double leg and gets reversed, Al Kinani landing multiple shots to the downed Redman. Redman finished by ground and pound after getting dropped for a second time. Al Kinani by TKO via ground and pound at 1:18 of round #1.

Amateur bantamweight debuts between Schuyler Vaillancourt and Felipe Günter

Round #1: Günter in the blue, Vaillancourt in the red. Günter controlling centre with a series of kicks to the body. Vaillancourt the southpaw working jab, jab, hook and looking to land the combo but remaining hesitant. Günter gets dropped by a left hook following his body kick attempt. Günter on top working a swift takedown, they get up and Günter tags with a right straight. Günter continuing to land his right body kick. Günter looks for the spinning wheel kick unsuccessfully, does land a late and short takedown. Günter takes round #1 10-9

Round #2: Vaillancourt with an early straight left. Günter drops his opponent and immediately goes for the back. Sinks a tight rear-naked choke and Vaillancourt taps. Günter by submission at 45 seconds of round #2.

Amateur lightweight debuts between Brandon Maillet-Fevens and Ben Peters

Round #1: Maillet-Fevens in the red, Peters in blue. Both men clinmch early and it’s Peters gaining position on the feet in the clinch. Maillet-Fevens gets an early takedown but it’s short lived as Peters is on the feet and then works his own single leg. Peters from side control and his then into half guard. Peters looking to for a kimura and gets the submission finish at 1:47

Amateur women’s catchweight (140 lbs) bout between Glory Watson (1-0) and Megan Rosado (debut)

Round #1: Watson in the red, Rosado in blue. Watson unleashing a barrage of strikes, far outlanding her opponent Rosado. Rosado withstands and looks for a standing gullotine with Watson pushing her opponent to the ground and getting side control ultimately standing up. Muay Thai clinch from Rosado, Watson escapes. Watson breathing heavy, and both exchange. Watson 10-9

Round #2: Watson stuns her opponent early and works a clinch. Rosado has underhooks and then leaves the position. Watson closes distance and landing. Clinch work again but Watson not looking for a takedown. Rosado lands two hard right head kicks and takewdown Watson, looking for a submission but Watson getting to her feet. Watson looking for a double leg but breaking when the takedown isn’t there. They meet at the centre and again Watson looks to push and clinch. Rosado taking round two and 18-18

Round #3: Crowd is going wild, very back and forth contest. Both women exchange to start the round, with Rosado throwing yet another head kick and getting caught against the fence. Watson leading with combos and against clinching against the fence looking for a double leg. Watson pushing forward, neither fighter able to secure a takedown. Rosado gets top position in a wild bit of action, lands shots from mount and slips for the back. Both fighters backs to the mat with Rosado looking for the choke but unsuccessful. Split decision 29-28 Rosado, 29-28 Watson, 29-28 Watson

Amateur lightweight bout between Zac Richard (2-0) and Chris Lachcik (0-1)

Round #1: Lachcik in blue, Richard in the red gloves. Richard with a strong crowd presence, opens the fight with a strong double leg throwing his opponent hard to the mat. Lachcik looks to get to his feet and Richard grabs the back. Rear-naked choke finish by Richard at 51 seconds.

Amateur bantamweight bout between Nate Boucher (2-3) and Jordan Young (1-1)

Round #1: Boucher in the red, Young in the blue gloves. Circling in the centre, Young throws a body kick and is taken down by Boucher. Boucher lands punches against the cage and Young pops up. Soon after it’s Boucher again working a single and getting the back. Boucher lays out Young, back flat and sinks the rear-naked choke. Winner by submission at 2:35 of round #1 Nate Boucher

Boucher sinks in the submission with referee Kevin MacDonald overseeing the contest (Photo Credit: Craig Allen)

Amateur catchweight (140 lbs) bout between Killian Murphy (1-1) and Henry Clark (4-4)

Round #1: Murphy in red, Clark in blue. Murphy drops Clark with a right leg kick, jumps on and lands ground and pound. Clark scrambles and grabs a leg. Clark looking knee bar but eating plenty of shots from Murphy. Murphy pours on the action, as Clark stands up. Murphy gains position, takes the fight to the ground. Clark gets a triangle, Murphy slams him. Clark then gets a tight armbar and the round is over.

Round #2: Both men exchanging and it’s Clark pushing the pace. Clark with a clinch, one underhook and looking for the second. They split up and it’s Murphy looking for a single that’s stuffed. Murphy with the advantage on the feet, small mouse under Clark’s left eye. Murphy mixing in kicks, swift body-leg combo. Clark ends the round with his own combo landing.

Round #3: Very well could be the deciding round in this close affair. Murphy overhand right is countered by two from Clark. Murphy controlling distance with kicks but Clark now pusghing the pace. Slip and Clark gets the back, tight RNC. Looking to secure but handfighting ensues. Clark ends the round having the position but unable to secure the submission finish. Winner by unanimous decision, 29-28, Henry Clark.

Amateur women’s flyweight bout between BJ Garceau (1-0) and Chelsea Tucker (0-3)

Round #1: Garceau in red, Tucker in blue. Both women throwing leg kicks and Garceau clinching up. Garceau working to take the fight to the ground with both underhooks. Tucker moves off the cage but Garceau continues to pour on the pressure. Tucker gets free and throwing steady shots. Garceau clinches up and recovers slightly. Round ends with Garceau pushing Tucker against the cage but unable to land a single takedown attempt or many strikes from the dominant position.

Round #2: Tucker has a clear advantage on the feet landing strikes as Garceau pressures forward. Garceau again able to find underhooks but having difficulty getting a takedown. They break, Garceau continues to move forward but leaving her head down. Garceau gets dropped by shots late in the round and as the referee steps in she’s able to get to her feet and continue as the bell sounds.

Round #3: Tucker looking to pressure and finish the fight after a strong end to round #2. Garceau clinches up and gets underhooks once again. Garceau adamant in getting a takedown but Tucker staying mobile. Tucker winning every exchange in this round, far outlanding Young’s Garceau. It’s Tucker pouring it on and getting the win by TKO at 2:51, her first in four contests.

Pro lightweight bout between Matt Probin (2-0) and Lionel Young (7-15)

Round #1: Young in blue, Probin in red gloves. Young throws a high kick and Probin grabs to clinch. Probin has underhooks, Young handfighting. Probin gets the takedown working from top position but Young able to get up. Young with his own takedown from the clinch, working from side control. Young lands elbows, looking to pass from side to mount. Young slides into half guard, then guard. Young throwing awkward shots from the top. Probin grabs an arm and looks for the armbar but Young resilient and able to escape enough to continue landing shots from the top.

Round #2: Young throws two kicks, followed by a head kick from Probin that connects and drops Young. Ground and pound from Probin but the way Young fell was awkward and Probin stands up. MacDonald stands them up, Probin pushes for a finish and lands a flush knee to the head of Young who drops. TKO ground and pound by Probin at 36 seconds of round #2.

Pro flyweight bout between Jose Lugo (3-0) and Ernesto Ornelas (4-7)

Round #1: Lugo in the red, Ornelas in blue. Both men exchanging with Ornelas getting the underhooks in the clinch. Lugo switches position and gains an underhook. Lugo getting the trip takedown, sliding from half guard looking for mount. Lugo grabs the back but it’s Ornelas getting up against the cage. Lugo jumps on the back, sinks the RNC. Ornelas falls to the ground, referee on top and taps. Lugo winner by RNC at 2:36 in his NEF debut.

Pro cruiserweight title fight (225 lbs) between Yorgan De Castro (2-0) and Ras Hylton (3-1)

Round #1: De Castro in red, Hylton in blue. Both men touch gloves and a flurry ensues. Short lived clinch and they separate to chuck hands. A leg kick drops Hylton who’s quick to his feet. Wild action as both continue to trade shots. Clinching, Hylton has position. Hylton separates, flying knee. De Castro continues to punish Hylton’s lead leg. De Castro throws a wild right that sends Hylton to the canvas and it’s all over at 4:05 of the first round. De Castro becomes the promotion’s first cruiserweight champion

*Pro lightweight title fight between champ Ryan Sanders (17-9) and Jacob Bohn (7-5)

Round #1: Champ Sanders in red, Bohn the challenger in blue. Bohn working kicks, Sanders with hands. Bohn gets Sanders’ back and takes the fight to the ground. Bohn looking for an arm and slides to the top. Bohn from side control. Sanders gets up and soon after Bohn gets the takedown. Bohn fighting above his record, really giving it to the champion who’s riding a two fight win streak coming into this fight. Bohn totally dominating the first round but a small cut under his left eye. Bohn 10-9

Round #2: They exchange and Sanders hits a knee to the body and taunts. Bohn goes for a takedown and the two break. Exchanges in the middle of the canvas, Bohn clinches against the cage. Bohn looking takedown but Sanders doing a good job of staying on his feet. Bohn going single leg but Sanders again stuffing it. Bohn pulls back and Sanders explodes grabbing a guillotine. In the scramble Sanders gets top position and now in guard. The cut under Bohn’s eye has gotten worse, MacDonald calls a stoppage and brings in the doctor who ends the fight. Sanders your winner via doctor stoppage at 4:29 of round #2. 

*Champ Ryan Sanders weighed in at 159.8 lbs with his opponent Bohn weighing in at 154 lbs. If Sanders wins, he will still be considered champion though the bout will not be scored a true title defense. If Bohn wins, he becomes the new NEF lightweight champion.

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