We’re set to go live from a packed Androscoggin Bank Colisée in Lewiston, Maine bringing you live play-by-play of NEF 39! There are 15 scheduled fights on the card, including two professional bouts and an amateur women’s flyweight title bout between Glory Watson (4-0 am.), looking to continue her undefeated streak by knocking off promotional newcomer Caree Hill (4-1 am.). In the main event lightweights Jesse Erickson (9-7) and Dylan Lockard (5-1) battle it out for the promotion’s lightweight title!

Live Results:

Amateur featherweight bout between CMBJJ’s Brandon Maillet-Fevens (1-1) and First Class MMA’s Cody Kilton (1-1)

Round #1: Kilton in blue, Maillet-Fevens in blue. Fight opens up with a flurry of action, Kilton pushing the pace and closing distance. On the exchange Maillet-Fevens gets the takedown and working from half guard. Kilton takes multiple blows before catching Maillet-Fevens in a guillotine. Maillet-Fevens is out and now working from half once more on top. Maillet-Fevens is bucked off, fighters stand and trade and it’s Maillet-Fevens landing the knockout blow. Maillet-Fevens your winner by KO in the first round.

Amateur middleweight bout between Independant Henry Jeffs (Debut) and Recon’s Greg Ishihara (0-1)

Round #1: In blue it’s Ishihara, red is Jeffs. Both men from orthodox stances and exchanging early and Jeffs turns giving his back. Ishihara capitalizes, and takes the fight to the ground. Hand fighting ensues before Ishihara lands some steady ground and pound finishing off his opponent. Ishihara your winner at 48 seconds by TKO.

Amateur 175 lbs bout between Independant Brandon Russell (0-2) and Kenney’s MMA’s David Hart (0-4)

Round #1: Hart in blue, Russell in red. Round kicks off with an overhand from Russell that’s caught by Hart. Hart clinches and it’s Russell taking the fight to the mat sinking the guillotine. Hart lands solid punches to the ribs, rocks back and forth to get out of the submission. Hart escapes and gets into position for an arm triangle of his own, working from crucifix now. Russell breaks and absorbs some more strikes before gaining top position and now working from guard. Hart grabs his opponent’s neck for a guillotine of his own and finishes the fight.

Amateur 175 lbs bout between CMBJJ’s Jon Assam (0-1) and Independant Justin Philbrook (0-1)

Round #1: Philbrook in blue, Assam in red. Big pop for Assam pre-fight. Both fighters go straight to work, exchanging punches in the centre of the cage. Philbrook moving in and out but dropping his hands in the event of a strike connecting. Assam stalking his opponent, with Philbrook working in some kicks to control distance. Working back and forth, Assam stuns Philbrook who backs away. Assam hitting Philbrook with a body shot that again stuns the independant fighter. 10-9 Assam.

Round #2: Assam looking to pick up where he left off, strong round from the hometown fighter. Right leg kicks the weapon of choice from Assam. Takedown attempt from Philbrook easily defended, and the blue corner goes on the defensive, stunning Assam. Both men going for broke and Philbrook landing heavy right hands. Centre of the cage, now both have begun to slow down. Assam mixing in kicks with a steady flow of punches. Philbrook’s corner imploring their fighter to lift his hands. Round ends with Assam pressuring. Assam 20-18.

Round #3: Both meet at the centre with Assam throwing head kicks to back off Philbrook who pressures forward. Both men continue to land at will, with little defence being shown by either fighter. Assam’s kick is caught and now Philbrook earning top mount, now back mount. Assam gets out of an RNC attempt, gets to his feet. Round end, Assam 29-28.

Winner by split decision Jon Assam (29-28 Assam, 29-28 Philbrook, 29-28 Assam)

Amateur welterweight bout between Independant Dylan Williams (Debut) and Camden Combat/The Foundry’s Mike Murray (Debut)

Round #1: Murray in blue, Williams in the red. Murray opening up in a karate stance and coming out quickly. Landing a few shots from distance, Murray now taunts his opponent. Takedown from Williams and on the scramble Murray gains top position. Williams now on top, but elects to stand. Williams jumps on top, and now Murray scrambles and gains the back. Murray by RNC at 2:13.

Amateur lightweight bout between CMBJJ’s Nate White (1-0) and First Class MMA’s Justin Kangas (Debut)

Round #1: Kangas in blue, White in red. After a quick first exchange Kangas lunges in and attempts to clinch. Fighters break and White now attempting to clinch. White landing a straight right and closes, earns a single leg and working from guard. Kangas attempting to hold his opponent down and landing good strikes from the bottom. White moves into half guard. White in mount and landing hard strikes from the position. End of the round all White from full mount, 10-9 White.

Round #2: Kangas opens the round lunging at White, landing a front kick followed by a series of looping punches. White gets the takedown, working from half and looking to move into full mount. Kangas up against the cage and CMBJJ’s White is all over him. TKO finish for White at the 1:00 mark.

Amateur welterweight bout between Team Landry’s Jason Landry (1-1) and Independant Dan Seigars (Debut)

Round #1: Seigars in the flag shorts, sporting blue gloves with Landry in the red. Right hand by Landry lands, Seigars is out. Landry by KO at seven seconds.

Amateur lightweight bout between Young’s MMA’S Jimmy Jackson (3-3) and First Independant Brandon Sewall (Debut)

Round #1: Sewall in the blue, Jackson in the red corner. Jackson mixing strikes early with both fighters possessing exceptional length in the division. Jackson clinches and Sewall gets the Young’s fighter in a tight guillotine. Sewall cranks and pulls Jackson to the canvas. Jackson is out and gets on top, landing strikes and sinking a tight RNC from back mount. Jackson by rear-naked choke.

Amateur lightweight bout between CMBJJ’s Joe Howard (1-2) and United Fighting Arts Institute’s Jordan Crim (Debut)

Round #1: Crim sporting the blue in his debut, Howard in red. Strong right hand from Crim as they meet and Howard drops, Crim lands a flurry and referee Steve Rita steps in to end the fight. Crim by TKO at 8 seconds.

Amateur women’s bantamweight bout between Evolution Athletix’s Megan Rosado (1-1) and Lee Brothers MMA’s Sarai Knapp (Debut)

Round #1: Knapp in the blue, Rosado in red. Pressure and footwork early from Rosado, who catches her opponent Knapp with a right hook that stuns the Lee Brothers fighter. Rosado works a double leg and points the takedown. Rosado working from top mount with her opponent up against the cage. Rosado lands a barrage of ground and pound and earns the TKO victory.

Amateur lightweight bout between CMBJJ’s Garry Carr (1-1) and Independent Clifford Redman (0-9)

Round #1: Redman in blue, Carr in red. Redman flurries and lands an overhand right that connects and stuns Carr. Carr clinches and goes with heavy knees to the body of Redman. Redman backs up Carr, continuing to find a home for his fists but Carr strikes back and knocks down Redman. Carr in half guard, looking to move into mount. Carr landing body shots, now into mount and Redman gives up his back. Carr landing and the referee has seen enough. Carr your winner by TKO.

Amateur women’s flyweight title fight between Young’s MMA’s Glory Watson (4-0) and Team Quest’s Caree Hill (4-1)

Round #1: Hill in the red and making her promotional debut against Bangor’s Watson. Hill closes distance quickly and works the takedown, ultimately clinching against the cage. Hill working a wrist lock and landing knees as they break. Hill pressures her way back in and clinches once more, the far more active fighter. Hill’s corner calling for foot stomps and the fighter obliges, lands knees from the clinch. Break and both land clean shots, with Hill electing to close distance and clinch. Hill 10-9.

Round #2: Hill closes distance quickly again and gets into favourable position, Watson shakes her and lands a nice right hand before pushing the Oregonian to the fence. Watson now pressuring as they break. Cut below the left eye of Hill from that right hand of Watson, but Hill once again pressuring and getting position. Watson landing a nice 1-2 before clinching against the cage. Close round but Watson ending with the points. At the end a nasty slam with both fighters seemingly dazed momentarily. 19-19

Round #3: Both fighters beginning the round with kicks and it’s Hill closing distance and clinching. Game-planning for Hill very effective thus far but Watson grabbing Hill and placing a tight squeeze on a triangle choke. Hill gets out and works from full guard. Hill pressuring and now in a bid to grab an ankle. Neither fighter able to mount any offence and Hill landing strikes to close out the round on top. 29-28 Hill

Round #4: Hill setting up with low kicks and attempting to clinch but Watson the fresher fighter and able to finally defend the clinch. Hill pushes the fight to the cage and once again sets up her game. Knees from Hill as Watson unable to get away from the links. On the break Watson strings together a combination of shots. Uppercut lands flush from Watson who’s starting to get hot. 38-38 going into round #5

Round #5: Both fighters have shown their hands, with Hill looking to drag out the fight in the clinch and Watson finding success from range. Hill landing low kicks with Watson power punching and landing. Hill able to work in and out, chooses to clinch. Watson from the outside in the clinch, Hill landing knees as they break and Watson again the aggressor from the centre of the cage. Watson choosing to clinch, which hasn’t worked for her so far. Hill goes for an armbar, now Watson rolls out and working from north south position. Watson working the choke and ends in top position. Very even fight, both showing tons of potential. Winner by split decision (48-47 Watson, 49-46 Hill, 48-47 Watson)

Amateur 130 lbs bout between CMBJJ’s Nate Boucher (4-3) and 10th Planet/Lancaster Academy’s Robert Presley (5-4)

Round #1: Presley in the blue, Boucher in the red. Boucher working a takedown early and working on top. Presley using the cage effectively to steer clear of any punishment but Boucher on top. Boucher working the RNC from back mount but too high, resets and now into a neck crank. Boucher continues to fish for the submission and ends up earning the victory by RNC at 1:45.

Pro 160 lbs bout between Evolution Athletix’s Keegan Hornstra (4-10) and First Class MMA’s Dominic Jones (1-1)

Round #1: Jones in blue, Hornstra in the red corner. Both exchange early with Jones dropping and clinching Hornstra. Jones into full mount early and gets back. Jones by RNC with Hornstra tapping and the referee hesitating to stop the fight at 57 seconds.

Pro lightweight title main event between CMBJJ/Recon’s Jesse Erickson (9-7) and Professional Martial Arts Academy’s Dylan Lockard (5-1)

Round #1: Both fighters exchanging blows with Lockard pressuring the action and backing up Erickson. Lockard landing a flurry of action and pushing Erickson against the cage dropping “The Viking”. Lockard by TKO at 1:16 and new NEF lightweight champion.

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